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Meet the Team


Front Desk Coordinator

I enjoy getting to meet so many great families and see how each patient changes as he or she develops a new smile! We have a wonderfully friendly practice that feels like a family: our patients are part of the family, too. I work in the front office, where I handle setup of charts and answer the phones. I welcome and check in patients and check them out when they’re done.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy reading, yoga, and playing volleyball and dodge ball. I’m engaged and will be married in August 2018. We have two fur babies: Dug, a white lab and Mogli, an Alaskan Klee Kai.


Orthodontic Assistant

I like getting to know the kids and families, who become my friends. Helping people feel better about their smiles is a wonderful experience! There’s never a dull moment here, and we’re always laughing. I work in the clinic, and assist Dr. Drye with different procedures, including putting on braces and changing wires.

Outside of work, I enjoy cheering for the Badgers and Packers, going to concerts, traveling, and spending time with friends.


Orthodontic Assistant

I really like how each patient requires something different and how all our patients have a great sense of humor! Our office is one big family, and Dr. Drye really cares about providing the best results for his patients. I maintain the orthodontic appliances for our patients and spend a lot of time teaching patients about them.

My time off is busy: My husband and I bought a house in Cottage Grove in 2017 and we’ve been making it into a home ever since! We have a senior dog and love to travel.


Treatment Coordinator

I love when people are excited about transforming their smile, and help each person understand their treatment. We have a welcoming and friendly office, where we all support each other in helping our patients. I assist prospective patients during new patient exams, and explain their treatment plan and financials. I also communicate with general dentist referrals and work with insurance companies. In addition, I help at the front desk: scheduling appointments and answering phone calls.

My free time is spent with my new husband Nick. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, and working out.


Lab Technician

I love how we can make people confident and happy with a new smile! Dr. Drye is a great boss who takes care of his employees and his patients, and our team is the best: Everyone helps each other. I am most involved with the beginning and end of treatment. Working in our lab, I make the trays that are placed when patients start orthodontics, and I make the retainers at the end of treatment that hold the smile Dr. D. created!

I am very busy outside of work. I have a little girl and coach volleyball for a club team. I love going on hikes and to the parks, fishing and swimming, playing lots of different sports, and working out.


Orthodontic Assistant

I love constantly learning and mastering new skills, so I’m always prepared to help our patients and better contribute to our practice. Dr. Drye trusts, respects, and admires his team’s ability, and we, in turn, continue to flourish and grow, which means the best experience for our patients. I primarily work in our records room. I take the initial photos and X-rays for exams, impressions for various appliances, and — best of all — the deband photos that show finished smiles!

I have the most beautiful husband ever (even Dr. Drye agrees!), as well as two monstrous and adorable kids, plus a dog. My husband and I have a side business as hop farmers, and I’m the lead singer of a rock band on weekends. I’m probably going to become super famous!


Financial Coordinator

I work with patient contracts and accounts, to help families maximize their insurance and benefits. I enjoy meeting our patients and parents, and working with a knowledgeable and fun team. We strive to make perfect smiles! 

Outside of the office, I love baking, as well as traveling with my husband Gary, and being with our family and friends.


Office Manager

I like meeting new people every day, getting to know them, and making sure they have a positive orthodontic experience. Dr. Drye goes above and beyond for his patients and staff, and our team cares fiercely for each other: We take ownership for our work as well as the company as a whole. As our office manager, I greet patients, keep track of our staff, coordinate projects, and handle IT for the practice.

My free time is spent with my husband Eirik and our son Soren. We live on the east side of Madison. I enjoy kayaking, lots of adventures, staying in hotels, watching reality TV, and working my fun side gig as a stylist for an accessories company.


Orthodontic Assistant

I like seeing patients excited about changes in their smile. I know exactly what they’re feeling, because Dr. Drye was my orthodontist and created my smile! This is a great office, because we’re able to have fun while working hard!

When I’m not at the office, I’m usually spending time with my family, my boyfriend Trevor, and my pets: Tucker, Remi, Carols, and Boo. I like boating, fishing, and going to my cabin in Manitowish Waters.


Orthodontic Assistant

I like learning new things every day, because that helps me help our patients better! It’s really rewarding to be part of this office and to see how many smiles you can make by working together. I spend my days multitasking, constantly thinking, and socializing with our patients and families.

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with Wes, my husband, and our dog, who loves hiking with us. We’re excited, because we’re expecting a baby in July 2018!


Registered Dental Hygienist

I had the pleasure of joining PGO in 2016, bringing with me ten years of experience in dentistry, first as an assistant and then as a hygienist. Our team at PGO is like family! We all work hard together every day and have lots of fun! There’s never a day when I’m not excited to come here to be with my coworkers and help to create beautiful smiles for our patients. It’s wonderful to see our patients’ faces when the see their smiles without braces for the first time!

I have a wonderful husband Jay, a son Landon, and a blue Great Dane named Auggie. We raise beef cattle and chickens on our small farm. In my free time, I enjoy hunting, running, gardening, and being with family and friends, not to mention wine, coffee, and chocolate!


Orthodontic Assistant

I enjoy meeting new patients, getting to know them, and seeing the changes in their smiles over time. We have a great office, where everyone wants to help each other to make sure our patients receive the best care. I work hard to make sure our patients feel comfortable during visits, and assist Dr. Drye with a variety of procedures.

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy spending time outside, especially hiking, snowshoeing, camping, playing tennis, and traveling. I also like quality time with my cat and rabbit.


Orthodontic Assistant

I like meeting new patients and watching their progress from start to finish! It’s rewarding to have friendly coworkers who offer a lot of help to each other ... and even more to our patients. My focus is always on making patients feel comfortable while perfecting their smiles!

I’m very involved with nature and the outdoors. I also enjoy laughing and putting a smile on people’s faces.


Treatment Coordinator

The best part of my job is helping patients understand their treatment and making them feel at home when they are here. We have a wonderful team that all work together for the best outcome for our patients and respect each other’s strengths and knowledge. I meet our new patients and families at their initial appointment and help them through the orthodontic process.

Outside the office, I like reading entertainment magazines, cooking, and snuggling with my two cats, and I love family time. I have two grown children and five fabulous grandkids. I love going to their sporting events. Also, a good prank can make my day!